STR571 - Pixsys® MODBUS remote display

While maintaining the same parametric configuration mode of the other Pixsys STR indicators, the STR571 model is configured as a highly flexible and customizable interface for sensors, I / O modules, signal converters and, in general, for Modbus instrumentation. This indicator allows you to read / write up to eight variables on Modbus slave devices, with representation of the variables in both numerical and textual format; it is possible to freely set in alphanumeric characters both the description and the unit of measure for each variable and possibly also to rescale the data in display. The number of variables displayed per page can be set from 1 to 4, with auto-rescaling of the font size and the resulting number of pages.


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SKU Model Description Price Quantity
33605 STR571-1ABC-T128R

MODBUS remote display 96x48 series STR571
Variable read / write, Modbus RTU / Master protocol, digital inputs, alarm management, multi-voltage power supply.

166 EUR


The digital inputs allow you to connect a rotary encoder that further facilitates navigation of the displayed data and parameters, or the connection to panel buttons with programmable functions. In addition to the galvanically isolated master serial with Modbus RTU / Ascii protocol, a second slave serial line makes it possible to query from another Master. A distinctive feature that characterizes the entire STR series is the innovative multilingual interface, with text menus that allow intuitive and fast navigation between parameters and display pages. You can choose between five languages ​​and the completeness of the menus allows you to considerably limit the need for consultation of the technical documentation for the initial setting.


Simplicity of use, multimedia support and traceability

The interface of the STR571 viewer guarantees ease of use for the user, which is also supported by programming aids such as MEMORY-CARD and the MyPixsys APP (Android devices).

Video programming tutorials are available in the youtube channel.

As with the whole range of PIXSYS products, thanks to the QR code the traceability of the product is guaranteed during its entire life cycle; access to information and online documentation is also usable in mobile by reading the QR CODE which refers to the technical specifications of the product and the verification of warranty conditions.


Container: 96x48 (Front) x 48 mm (1 / 8Din)
Power supply: 24..230V AC / DC ± 10% 50/60 Hz (galvanic isolation 2500V)
Consumption: 6VA
Display: yellow monochrome OLED
Environmental conditions: Temperature 0-45 ° C, humidity 35..95 RH% (without condensation)
Material: Container: Polycarbonate V0
Protection: Front panel: IP54 (IP65 with seal), Container and terminal blocks: IP20
Weight: About 165 g
Wiring: With extraction terminal blocks and spring locking
Quick configuration: microUSB memory card, MyPixsys app (only for Android devices, available on Google PlayStore)


3 Digital: 2 PNP / NPN programmable to activate outputs, reset alarms, block configuration, increase / decrease value, front panel encoder for navigation and modification of input data. 1 PNP, programmable to select values.
1 Analog for potentiometer: Minimum 1KΩ (4096 points) to set the value of the variables.

2 Relay: 2A - 250VAC resistive loads
1 Auxiliary: 24VDC - 30mA max for powering external sensors and potentiometer

2 Serials: 1 RS485 Modbus RTU / Axis master / multimaster galvanically isolated to communicate with slave devices, 1 RS485 Modbus RTU Slave
1 USB: 1 virtual USB port for quick configuration and firmware upgrade.

Variable management: Management of up to 8 variables, programmable display from 1 to 4 variables per page, editable description field for each variable (maximum 16 characters), unit of measurement adjustable for each variable (maximum 5 characters), data format 1.16 or 32 bit, mnemonic display of text (from 0 to 4), different options for displaying data (offset, gain, limits, scaling)
Alarm function: 2 ON-OFF alarms with hysteresis
Alarm mode: Absolute / Threshold, Band with instantaneous / delayed / retentive action and digital input / Probe break / Serial activation
Multimaster function: Possibility of connecting up to 16 master devices in the same serial
Multilingual menu: English / Italian / German / French / Spanish
Options: Front panel encoder to facilitate data entry


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